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About Us

The Good Stuff - Baby Proofing Solutions Made Easy: Because Baby Proofing Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly!

The Good Stuff was inspired by the need to change the way baby proofing products have been manufactured for years.

Tired of using all kinds of special measuring devices to drill unsightly holes in kitchen cabinets and drawers and after seeing our own, precious (and expensive) furniture being irreparably ruined, we decided it was time to transform the way the world saw current baby proofing products.

With the dream of finally creating baby proofing solutions that would not only be easy to install but would also look great and keep the furniture intact, we decided to revolutionize the baby proofing market. And we made it!

Baby Proofing Solutions That Respect Your Kitchen’s Appeal!

Our first product, Safety Ties, was designed to offer a modern, sleek and efficient alternative to the bulky, plastic cabinet locks of the past that every parent had to endure for their child’s safety.

It was our vision to provide top quality baby safety systems that parents would love to use. Taking only seconds to install or remove, the Safety Ties finally put an end to the nightmare of drilling  and offer the best way to keep children and pets safe, without ruining the furniture.

Our team is passionate about offering you smart and effective baby proofing solutions that combine functionality and style. Committed to excellence, we stand by our motto: Keep Your Children Safe and Your Cabinets Intact!

Our hard work and sincere dedication to providing only the highest quality products at the best prices in the market, as well as our world class customer service is the best guarantee for our clients’ satisfaction.

With thousands of happy buyers in the USA and abroad, we aspire to become one of the leading brands in our niche and continue to renew our promise of excellence to our customers every day.

Your love and unwavering support is what keeps us striving for the best.