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Shipping policy

All our products are stored in Amazon warehouses across the United States. After your order has been placed, the package will be ready for shipping within the maximum of one business day. Products are being delivered within 3-5 business days.


Costs for shipping*

Type Price
Standart Shipping 1,95$
Priority Shipping 9,95$
Expedited Shipping 14,95$
International Shipping 18,00$


*Different costs for shipping may apply for Free + Shipping offers due to the addition of handling costs.


Free + Shipping Offer

We charge additionally for handling costs that occur, which are usually covered by the product price. If you order more than one item, shipping costs increase as well, as we would like to give each customer the chance to try our product for free.

Type Price
4 Pack 9,95$
8 Pack 14,95$
+ 4 Pack + 5$
+ 8 Pack + 10$